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Pubblicazioni e articoli (lista non completa) su temi: trasporto, logistica, shipping, green economy, crowdfunding

Precedenti il 2005


2005 VASSALLO, W. Article on “Environmental Costs of Freight transport”, Book: ‘Intermodal Transport in Europe‘, Publisher: EIA, Editors: Vrenken, Macharis, Wolters.

Intermodal Transport in Europe

2006 VASSALLO, W. “Assessment and Evaluation of Regional Impacts”, Report for the European Commission

2006 VASSALLO, W. et all  “Intermodality and the Environment”, EIRAC Strategic Intermodal Reaseach Agenda 2020, Publisher: EIRAC, Editors: EIRAC Secretariat, Report submitted to the European Commission

2007 VASSALLO, W. , “Comodality and e-logistics platform”, Interview published by Intermodal Magazine, issue September 2007, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2007 VASSALLO, W. , “Freight market structure and requirements for intermodal shifts”,  Report on Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport, Sustainable surface transport – Rebalancing and integrating different transport modes, Report submitted to the European Commission

2007, VASSALLO W. “Logistics connections in central Europe”, AIRO 2007

2008 VASSALLO, W. , “The transport sector: challanges and the notion of co-modality and e-logistics. Where are we?”, Intermodal Magazine, issue July 2008, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar


2009 VASSALLO, W. , “Motorways of the Sea and new scenarios”, Intermodal Magazine issue 11, 2009, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2009 VASSALLO, W. , “The TEN-T Network: is the TEN-T policy still up to date?”, Intermodal Magazine issue 11, 2009, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2009 VASSALLO, W. , “A new vision for bridging between EU and overseas Mediterranean Countries”, Intermodal Magazine issue April 2009, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2009 VASSALLO, W. , “EU Transport policy: towards the new White Paper”, Intermodal Magazine issue 13, 2010, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2009 VASSALLO W., “The role of SME in Europe and the needs to increase their research capabilities. How can SME get opportunities and funds offered by the EU?”, International Maritime Club, Issue November 2009

2010 VASSALLO, “Business Opportunities and Grants from the EU”, Intermodal Magazine, latest issue 2010, Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar

2010 VASSALLO, “Business Opportunities and Grants from the EU”, Editorial on B2B LOCO Newsletter

2011 VASSALLO, “Comparison of global costs between multimodal and road transport systems”, Port of Venice, 2011, Report for the European Commission.

2012 VASSALLO, “Corridors Cost Comparisons” chapter ‘Logistics and distribution concepts’, pp.223-226, Book: ‘Intermodal Yearbook 2011-2012: Strategies, Statistics, Terminals and Players’, Publisher: EIA, Editors: Burgess, Maurer, Rudzikaite, Zelfde, Wolters

Intermodal Year Book 2012

2012 VASSALLO, Article: “Courses 2.0 on Sustainable Logistics. A way to fill in gaps in education and training towards 2020”, Intermodal Magazine, issue n.18 2012, pag. 114. Publisher: Aysberg Ltd, Editor: Bekar


2013 VASSALLO, ‘Intermodality’ chapter included in the book ‘Regulating Transport in Europe‘, Publisher: Edward Elgar

book regulating transport in eu

2013, VASSALLO, ‘ The importance of the Integrated Maritime Policy for the Blue Growth’, Intermodal Magazine, December 2013


2014, VASSALLO, Libro ‘Regolamentazione e Policy del Trasporto e dell’ Intermodalità in Europa’. Aracne, Roma, 2014. Copertina e Abstract e Commento Segretario Generale EIA, Bruxelles

2014, Traduzione inglese dell’intervista pubblicata a Maggio 2014 dall’Istituto di Ricerca Scientifica Economica Russo (ITKOR).



2014, VASSALLO, ‘ The Blue Belt: How far we are with simplification of customs formalities for ships’, Intermodal Magazine, May 2014


2014, VASSALLO, Libro ‘Crowdfunding nell’Era della Conoscenza. Chiunque puo’ realizzare un progetto. Il futuro è oggi‘. FrancoAngeli, Milano, Giugno 2014

Libro Crowdfunding

Libro Crowdfunding


2015, VASSALLO, Intervista su Politiche Europee sul Trasporto, pubblicata da Logistica Management, Maggio 2015


“Crowdfunding in Italia” Intervistato da CTV parlo di crowdfunding, Aprile 2015 http://www.centroterritorialevolontariato.org/intervista-a-walter-vassallo-docente-del-corso-di-crowdfunding-per-ctv


“La formazione: chiave per il crowdfunding”. Intervistato da Fabio Allegreni, parlo di crowdfunding. Crowd4Fund, Giugno 2015. http://www.key4biz.it/crowd4fund-la-formazione-chiave-per-il-crowdfunding-intervista-alleconomista-walter-vassallo/125235


2015, VASSALLO, Intervista su trasporto ferroviario e soluzioni per il tarsporto sostenibile in Europa, pubblicata dalla rivista RZD, Agosto 2015.

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